The Moral of The Story by Arthur S. Newman

The Moral of The Story a short story by Arthur S. Newman

During the epic battle one of the ruthless assailants body smashed against the wooden cage. This weakened the structure allowing the pearl of affection to slip away.

It was an arduous battle both men were winning handedly. Until one of the men noticed the pearl of his affection was missing, he broke down to his knees in dismay. That is when the tyrant yelled killed them, seeking to take advantage of the seemingly weak moment.

The tyrant threw down a large axe, it landed just right, slashing the large rope that had bound the two executioners together at the hands. Right away they sprung into action. One of the executioners called Ocks closed the distance on the perplexed man who had falling to his knees in dismay.

Our hero yelled with a loud voice. "Stop, I will not spare you if you continue." The nemesis did not care about the threat, he was a merciless executioner that took a large measure of delight in what he does and he had been humiliated by his downed foe. He was completely committed to carrying out the one thought. "I will kill, I will strip him of his life, just as he has stripped me of my dignity." He said this while closing the distance on his enemy. The axe was well above his head, ready to deliver the crucial blow.

Raysin our hero had already felt the muscles bulging in his legs from the calf muscles to the thigh muscles, as he took his life saving plunge to spare his life long friend from the certain death of the blade. The force of his body crashed into Ocks side crushing his rib cage completely, both bodies were of unusually large size so the collision was as if two large objects had met instantly and repelled just as rapidly from each other. Raysin used the recoil from that collision to lunge at the second executioner.

Up until this point he fought with mercy, but there was none to be found for the second executioner he would end the life of this one just as he ended the life of the first one.

As his massive body continued on its trajectory towards his opponent he raised his elbow to meet the top of the head of the already doomed antagonizer the skull gave way to the force and the neck followed. Ouns stood there for a few seconds as if his lifeless body refuse to admit defeat and fall to the ground.

Raysin came crashing down to one knee. Raysin looked at the first executioner as he was gasping for air and breathed his last breath. He raised his head towards the tyrant and raised his voice "free us or we will bring down your entire kingdom." The tyrant at this point had no reason to doubt Raysin, after all he and his friend Caine had just bested one hundred of his biggest and strongest executioners and he just watched two of them fall from one explosive action of pure will and rage. The rest of his executioners, that is the title they were known for because of their ruthless dealings with their adversaries laid on the ground severely broken, bruised and crushed. It was an epic battle indeed.

At that moment a voice came upstairs from the concerned wife, "how are those boys to sleep if you get their imaginations all riled up from telling them such brutal stories?" The sheepish voice came back "yes dear," he turned to his two boys and said, "remember the moral of the story."

The two boys said together, "Ocks and Ouns may break your bones but Raysin and Caine will thoroughly crush you."

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