Samantha's Secret Mind Travel Case Study 1 by Arthur S Newman

Samantha's Secret-Mind Travel Case Study 1
by Arthur S. Newman

As the young woman entered the Doctor’s office, she was frantic. As she bypassed those who had been waiting and entered the Doctor’s private office, she was followed by the nurse.

“I need to talk to somebody,” she spoke with a passion.

“Ma’am, you cannot just rush in here. You have to sign the log and wait for the Doctor in the waiting room,” the nurse looked irritated.

The Doctor held his hand up, “It is okay, Monica, I will take care of this.” He spoke with a soothing bedside manner.

“There is someone following me, I just know it, but when I look around I do not see anyone,” she spoke in a hurried manner.

“Tell me, is he there now? Do you see this person right now?” The Doctor questioned the nervous women.

She was shaking and distraught and unable to calm down.

“Do you drink coffee, soda or tea?” The Doctor asked.

“No, he is not there right now, but for the majority of the day he is right around the corner, sometimes right over my shoulder,” she spoke frantically.

“Have you seen any other doctors about this?” He was mildly intrigued.

“No, I thought I should come see you first. Maybe you could prescribe something that could help me.” Her request was a desperate plea as she touched the Doctor’s arm.

“I am not that kind of doctor. You know this; I will have to refer you to a different type of doctor.” He touched her hand politely.

“Am I going crazy, am I losing my mind?”

“No, I do not believe so, but a proper diagnosis will help you to understand what is going on, our mutual friend can help.” The Doctor spoke with a surety or guarantee.

When she left the building, she had an unusual desire for coffee. Looking around for a diner, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure. Turning quickly, to catch the would-be stalker by surprise.

She yelled, "What do you want from me?"

A stranger, walking by, was startled. While adding some distance between him and the disturbed woman, he passed her quickly.

There was no doubt in her mind that someone was there. However, as usual, and to her dismay, there was no one present. She had started hoping someone would be there. She had begun hoping that someone would snatch her purse or knock her down or some other type of altercation. Anything involving a physical touch would be welcome.

Something, anything to make the visions make sense. Samantha needed a jolt of reality to help her reconcile what was happening. She could not accept that what was happening was just in her mind.

She was in a daze, lost in another world. Her mind was racing.

“Samantha is that you, Samantha, Sam,” a voice was calling out to her from behind.

“So, now I am hearing voices,” she did not want to look back only to see another mirage.

As the voice got closer and the hand reached out and touched her, she was startled, a shiver went down her back.

That did not stop her from reaching over her shoulder. Her reflexes took over.

Grabbing her nightmare by the hand and forearm, she yelled, “I knew you were real.”

As she turned to face her assailant, the mystery became even greater. The man she was face to face with was not the man that she had been seeing, and neither did she recognize this man either.

“I am sorry, I thought you were someone else, my apologies. I did not mean to startle you, although it did not take much to do so. If there is anything, I can do to make it up to you? Buy you a cup of coffee perhaps a tea or soda at the diner across the street? I am sorry, where are my manners. I am rambling about now. My name is Michael, Michael Steele. And what is your name?” The courteous gentleman asked.

She was lost in his steely eyes and distinguishing eyebrows, his hard jaw line, and straight teeth. She had forgotten her mental distress. She was now holding the hand and arm of every woman’s dream.

She said softly, “Dream that it may be.”

His deep and sophisticated voice rang through her ears and awakened her from her stupor. “Miss, my arm and hand would thank you if you loosened the grip ever so slightly.”


“Excuse me,” he said.

“Samantha, that is my name, and I am sorry for the abruptness. I will take that cup of coffee. If you meant it, and if you did not, I will still take it.” She was, for the moment, herself. The self that existed before the other man, her nemesis, before he started popping up.

“You said your name is Samantha,” Michael spoke with a questionable look on his face.

“That’s right, named after my great-grandmother on my father's side, although my father gave me the name because he was hoping for a son. Now, how about that coffee?” If anything, she was persistent, but she was determined to hold on to this reality for as long as the time would allow.

“Yes, of course, we shall have that coffee, but are you not the least bit amused by the fact that I was calling out the name Samantha, are you just a little taken by the coincidence?” Michael was perplexed by the woman he only just met and her eagerness to have a cup of coffee with a total stranger.

“How about we talk about it over a cup coffee,” Samantha was exuding confidence and vigor.

Michael had his own reasons for escorting her to the diner. He was staring at a women who could easily be a movie star or model. In his mind, she radiated beams of beauty. He also felt that this was a chance meeting of a lifetime, considering his current off and on again relationship.

He thought and marveled at the current off cycle, freeing him up to contemplate, perhaps entertain, a new start on life.

The day did not end with a cup of coffee. One day turned into two days, two days turned into a week, culminating into two weeks. They had a whirlwind of a courtship. They learned everything each of them thought they could learn about each other.

Except for their secrets. Secrets that they both guarded out of fear that it would certainly end the relationship just as abruptly as it had started.

Life does not chance us happiness without some measure of dismay, and this would prove just as true with them.

Two weeks later:

“Why do we have to talk about this now? What could you possibly tell me that could make me change my mind? I do not see the sanity in this. I am happy with the way things are.” Michael for the first time in the two weeks appeared to be distraught by the phone conversation as he walks away from the phone booth.

“What is it, Michael?” Samantha quizzed him.

“I have some unfinished business that just will not wait. We will have to cancel our trip to Paris for now. I have to meet with some very important people and settle matters with my company.” Only half of what Michael said was the whole story. He felt bad that he could not reveal more.

Samantha had ignored the man in the shadows and had been putting off the meeting with the doctor. “That’s fine, I have a meeting with a doctor that I have been putting off for the last two weeks,” she confessed.

“I hope it is nothing serious. I am sure you would have mentioned it to me if it was.” Michael looked into her eyes, as if to try and read her thoughts.

“No, it is nothing serious, you know, girl stuff. I am hoping for a positive checkup as usual.” Samantha, too, was holding back.

“I must pack tonight for the city. I will return in two weeks.” With a long goodbye kiss, Michael exited through the restaurant door.

At the doctor’s office:

“I am very interested in continuing our sessions. The vividness in which you have described to me this person who is haunting you worries me greatly. The sketch that we have here is unlike no other, the picture and facial structure are so detailed.” The doctor was not sure if he should say anything more at this time. He held out the sketch to her.

Samantha declined, “I see him enough I do not need to see his sketch.”

The doctor put the sketch in her file.

“Should I be worried doctor? I have my whole life ahead of me, and a wonderful man that I am ready to spend it with.” Samantha had learned to deal with the intruder that was waltzing in, and out of her life, every waken moment and in her dreams.

“Let us finishing our sessions,” as the doctor reached for his prescription book.

Samantha stopped him and said, “That will not be necessary, they do not work anyway.”

“Then I will see you next week Miss…” before he could get the name out, he was cut off.

“Samantha will be fine. It seems as though we will be seeing a lot of each other. Thank you, doctor.”

It had been three weeks, and she had not heard from Michael. Each time the phone rang, she waited for the disappointment when she discovered that it was not him.

Tonight would be different. When the phone rang this time, it was Michael.

“How have you been? I thought I would never hear from you again and yet here you are. If dreams can come true, then do not wake me. So how is business? You have not called, so it must have been a day and night proposition.” Samantha waited for an answer.

It would not be the one she would want to hear.

“Sam, I am married and will not be coming back, there was someone else before we met and we broke it off weeks earlier. When I arrive back to the city I found out she was pregnant with my child and the…” but before he could finish, Samantha said…

“The honorable thing to do for the other woman and the child is to marry her. I understand that’s just the kind of person you are, and I would not take that away from you. I want you to know, before you,” she paused, “there was no one else. What I mean is that I have had no other relations with anyone but you… just that one night with you.” Samantha’s heart was crushed, her world came crashing down.

“I am deeply sorrowed, truly I am, If there were any other way, I would take it,” Michael spoke sincerely.

“There is one more thing… you are now a father twice.” That was the last thing Samantha said.
Center for Neurology and Brain Exploration
Founded by Samantha and Samuel Conway

The sign could not have been more descriptive.

Inside was a thriving research facility like no other. It housed a research team as well as patients. All were aware of the goal and mission.

To understand the marvel known as the Brain.

The building itself was a marvel. It appeared to be made mostly of glass. This feature would, no doubt, account for it being one level. However, the mind’s eye would accept the illusion that, at first, it was a small facility until you took that second look. The second look would reveal a building that must have been at least a half mile wide. You could not determine the depth of the building because of the width. The walkway was a mixture of stone, marble, wood, and grass.

As the sun shined on the building, it produced an image that appeared to be cloaked.

Once inside, you knew the facility was designed for comfortable living not just for research. You were gripped by a feeling of comfort and warmth, like walking into your own home after a long journey.

"Good day to you, Sir. Are you here to visit a patient or a member of the research team?” The greeting came from a friendly and energetic person whose name badge read Susan.

“Susan, you must be new here. My name is Michael Conway. My mom is Samantha Conway. So, I guess I am here to see a patient as well as a member of the research team, Doctor Conway, my father.”

“Michael, how did you sleep last night? You left abruptly after the last session, and you did not say a word. I need to know what you saw.” His father wanted to know the truth as much as he did.

“I know now that you are not my biological father, and I know why my biological father gave us up. I know that my parents met across the street from the diner. My father married another woman about three weeks after he left my mother at the restaurant. I have a stepsister, and she is now the owner of the largest glass company in the world. I learned that from the internet last night. But I do not know why my father did not want to see me or be a part of my life.” Michael could not let go of that emotion that traps every human in lost thoughts.

“She did not let me know either, but deep down I knew the truth. Your mom and I started out with a doctor to doctor relationship. I wanted a longer courtship, but she wanted to get married right away. I always thought of you as my son, you were my son, but I felt she was hiding something from me, I never pushed the issue because we were so happy. I want to know the truth.” Michael’s stepfather needed to know just as much as Michael wanted to know.

“I will not go back in because the rest of the story we both already know. Do you know who this mystery man was that she imagined that disturb her so much? If I could have just got a look at that sketch.” Michael now knew that one of the world’s wealthiest men was his father, but he wanted to know who the other mystery man was.

“Michael, there was never a sketch. Your mom and I were working on mapping the brain…” Michael’s stepfather was cut off.

“But she visited another doctor before you. Are you telling me she was not imagining a man following her? That she was not about to lose her mind before meeting Michael Steele? I was there. I saw the whole story.” Michael was confused.

“Michael, your mom had visited several doctors. It was part of her ongoing research. In fact, your mom and I had met two previous times to discuss her research. As for the man she was seeing, that was the reflection of you inhabiting her memories. Remember the mind is a very creative place, it was likely your mom’s way of reconciling your presence as you traveled through her memories, searching for the secret that she had buried many years ago.” Michael’s stepfather explained.

“Then, how do I know if anything I saw was true and not just a fabrication of her memories?” Michael was now on his own mind trip.

“We will discover what is true and what is not together. Tell me some of the other things you remember besides this Michael Steele. We know he is real and he has a daughter about your age. Tell me about the office and the doctor with the sketch, does he look familiar? Do you see anything in his office that could identify him.” Michael’s stepfather knew the answer, but he was trying to lead him to the truth.

Michael began to see, “He was a younger version of you, and as a kid, I visited that office many times. On the desk was your nameplate: Dr. Samuel Conway.” Michael was in a state of mild shock. How could he have forgotten those early memories of his childhood?

“Now, Michael, I have something to tell you, I mean to show you. You have made several trips inside your mom’s mind. You have seen things I will never see and saw things no son should ever see or discover about their mother. We have noticed your mom having more days of clarity since you have been making those trips. Well,…let us show you together.” Michael’s stepfather wanted him to see for himself.

While they walked to his mother’s room, Michael noticed his stepfather gleaming with excitement. The name tag on the door read Samantha Conway and below her name Alzheimer's.

When Michael walked through the door, his mom was alert and met him across the floor, and hugged him. She had not done that in a year. Before this moment, she had rarely recognized him as her son.

“I am so sorry I never told you about your father. It was selfishness on my part to keep him from you. I just could not take the pain of being a part of his life after that phone call. Please do not hold him responsible. He helped make this dream come true.” Samantha had not been this clear since the advanced stages of her disease.

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