Arthur S Newman Who Am I

Arthur S. Newman Who Am I?


Say it go on, I am thinking of a particular character in a particular movie.

One thing is true I am a character.

Below you will find a showcase of my works of Art.

Really when you ask yourself that question. What are your answers?

Is it not true we are many (Who Am I's) in one. As we continue to age we add more who's to our am I's.

Most will start to answer the question by saying what they do, but that really will not answer the Who, it just answers the What, specifically what you do. Not a valid answer unless of course the what encompasses your whole life and being.

When answering this question, I could say I am kind, endearing, God fearing and a whole host of other personal assets.

Let's try this with the jobs I have done. Here goes.

Who Am I?

I am a cabinet maker, I am a retail store manager, I am a computer technician, I am a communications tech. Although I have performed all of these jobs, none of them begin to describe who I am.

I like to think that the answer to who am I, has not been determined for me or for most of us yet.

So, I will add this little gem as my answer.

I will become what I want to become.

So the question now goes back to a question you were likely asked when you were a child.

What do you want to be when you grow up? My answer.

I am an aspiring writer and artist. I hope to go down in history as a creative genius.

Creative Genius?

Why are you laughing? Okay, you can stop now.

When I tell people, that I have published 2 books and a song. I get a number of responses, most of them are that of disbelief.

I am hoping to change that.

Read my article Published Author to Published Songwriter.

The majority of us have been conditioned to become what we do, there is no escaping this fact, it would seem. Or, is this our lot in life? Is what we do our final destiny. I have chosen not to believe that who I am, is what I am doing. I have summed up my final destination to the one statement I have always been attracted to.

Below you will find a showcase of my works of Art.

Do What You Love

Do what you love, love what you do.

Inside each and every one of us is this little creative genius struggling to get out and change your life and the lives of those individuals who are just waiting to discover your creative works of Art. 

For your amusement I will tell you what I would have liked to have added at the end of that last sentence. Your diamond in the rough, your pearl in the oyster, your gold nugget, the yoke in the middle of the egg, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the genie in the bottle, the golden owl, the holy grail, or any other terms that describe the hidden treasures churning inside of you.

However you choose to describe your hidden talent, we all deserve to engage it to the greatest degree we so desire, and if it leads to a king’s ransom then you will experience the full promulgation of the subtitle, Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

The majority of people will spend a life time working to make someone else’s dream come true. If that is what brings you satisfaction, I will not harp on that, but I hope you have not given up on your own dreams.

Thanks to the digital age and the multimedia capabilities of the internet, more people have the opportunity to turn the statement “I always wanted to do that” into a reality.

I have chosen to become a published author, songwriter, artist.

Below you will find a showcase of my works of Art.

Ever Tangled With Lightning!

We Are gods

My Song Innocence and Dreams

And then there was more.
Enjoy these short stories.

More Songs

Enjoy my showcase of creative works of Art at your on leisure, but please return and comment, critics are welcome.

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